Up close and personal ...

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Special Days :
July 17th, 1945 Big daddy's day
December 12th, 1949 My mom made it
February 7th, 1974 My future forecasted
November 20th, 1977 My arrival
August 8th, 1979 My sister's entry
January 13th, 1998 A small step towards status change

Special Ways :

Favorites Blue and Pink; Sweets; Good hearts; Crazy ways
The only person who may influence my decision(s) Mom, can I put you on my list?
The only person whom I will die for The most beautiful women -- my sweetest sister

My Holes :

Stubborn Tell me something cannot be done -- and I will prove you wrong
Unforgiving Blame it on Scorpio traits

Caring Souls :

Prof. Swapna Banerjee My mom swapna@ece.iitkgp.ernet.in God could not be more creative
Prof. Brian L. Evans My advisor bevans@ece.utexas.edu Symbol of perfection, patience and devotion
Prof. Tulin Mangir My mentor temangir@csulb.edu Strong and talented
Alok Sir My physics teacher Kendriya Vidyalaya Courage to think different
Jha Sir My biology teacher Kendriya Vidyalaya Patience is his virtue
Guho Sir My maths teacher Hijli High School Source of innovative ideas
Alok Sir My Bengali teacher Hijli High School Epitome of gentleness
Purnendu Sir My English and drama teacher Hijli High School Talents bundled up
Kazo Miss My nursery class teacher St. Agnes School Greatest mentor for kids
Sister Celina My principal St. Agnes School Perfect tranquility

The you are an "Indian" if list (contributed by my friends) :
Erase with a "rubber"
Crave for "country music"
Keep stressing "That's what"
Rule out a line with a "scale"
Have "doubts" for "problems"
Go "trekking" instead of "hiking"
Eat "biscuits" in lieu of "cookies"
Take the "lift" instead of the "elevator"
Type slowly using two fingers of each hand
Throw junk in "dustbin" but not in "trashcan"
Have "sisters" and "brothers" and not "cousins"
Be back with a caring wife after winter vacation

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