Ian Wong

Ian Wong finished his Ph.D. degree in May 2007 under the supervision of Prof. Brian L. Evans at The University of Texas at Austin. His dissertation is entitled A Unified Framework for Optimal Resource Allocation in Multiuser Multicarrier Wireless Systems.

He graduated with his BSEE degree from the University of the Philippine in April 2000 and the MSEE degree from UT Austin in May 2004. From June 2000 to July 2002, he worked full-time as a systems engineer at the Advanced Science and Technology Institute in Manila, Philippines, where he designed and implemented BlueTooth transceivers. He was an intern at National Instruments in Austin, Texas, in summer 2003 and 2004, and at Freescale Semiconductor in Austin, Texas, in summer 2005 and 2006. Immediately after finishing his PhD degree, he was employed as a Systems Engineer III in the Wireless Mobile and Systems Group of Freescale Semiconductor in Austin, Texas, from Summer 2007 to February 2009. Since March 2009, he has been with National Instruments, where he is currently Senior Group Manager in Advanced Wireless Research.

His PhD research was in multicarrier communication systems, esp. in power and subcarrier allocation in multiuser OFDM systems.

He can be reached at <ianchanwong@gmail.com>.