Energy-Efficient Mobile Touch Architecture

Adaptive Touch Concept Faster touch responsiveness in computer user interface provides better experience to users. Faster responsiveness can be achieved by higher operating frequency in touch system. However, it requires higher power consumption. This research looks for solutions to improve touch responsiveness while keeping low-power consumption when it is needed. Related Publications: [SysCon'15]
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Low-Power Mobile Computer Display Architecture

Display subsystem is one of the dominant power hungry components in mobile computing systems. In order to extend the battery life in mobile systems, optimizing the display subsystem is the critical. This research analyzes power saving opportunity in display subsystem and validates the solution of new architecture. Related Publications: [ISLPED'13] [SID'11] [ICCD'09]
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Automated Computer-Aided Design Technology

CAD search As the complexity of computer is getting increased, it is getting harder to meet the requirement of time-to-market. This research focuses on automation tool to reduce design time. The result of the research provides dramatical reduction in one of the design process of floating-point to fixed-point conversion for low-power and low-cost design. Related Publications: [Asilomar'06] [EURASIP'06] [ICASSP'04] [ISCAS'01] [CIC'00]
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Low-Power Computer and Communication Design

Low Power IP High power consumption is one of the road blocks toward small-form factor devices including wearable device. This research focuses on optimum bit-width of key digital element units in computer and communication systems to achieve low-power consumption. Related Publications: [Asilomar'05] [SiPS'04] [CIC'00] [ISCAS'98]
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