Fall, 1999

EE 379K: 17-Real-time Digital Signal Processing Lab, Dr. Brian L. Evans
EE 397M: Graduate Research Internship, Dr. Brian L. Evans

Fall, 1998

EE 381J: Probability & Stochastic Process I, Dr. Gustavo de Veciana

Spring, 1998

EE 381K: 2-Digital Communications, Dr. Guanghan Xu

Fall, 1997

EE 382N: Communication Networks, Dr. Gustavo de Veciana
Math 391C: Wavelets Theory and Applications, Dr. John Gilbert
CS 395T: Neural Networks, Dr. Risto Miikkulainen

Summer, 1997

EE 381K-9: Advanced Digital Signal Processing, Dr. Ayhan Sakarya

Spring, 1997

EE 382C: Embedded Software Systems, Dr. Brian L. Evans
EE 380N: Optimization in Engineering Systems, Dr. Ross Baldick
Math 393D: Integral Transform, Dr. William Guy

Fall, 1996

EE 380L: Engineering Programming Languages, Dr. Craig Chase
EE 380L: Advanced Computer Vision, Dr. J. K. Aggarwal
EE 381K: Multidimensional Digital Signal Processing, Dr. Brian L. Evans
PSY 380E: Vision System, Dr. Bill Geisler

Spring, 1996

EE 381K: Digital Signal Processing, Dr. Alan Bovik
EE 381K: Introduction to Telecommunication, Prof. Saleem Tawil

Fall, 1995

EE 379K: Digital Image Processing, Dr. Alan Bovik
EE 362K: Introduction to Automatic Control, Dr. Robert Flake
Math 365C: Real Analysis, Dr. Vania Mascioni

Summer, 1995

Math 362K: Probability I, Dr. Jose Arrieta
Math 427K: Advanced Calculus for Applications, Dr. Charles Friedman

Spring, 1995

PHR 493D: Computer-aided Drug Design, Dr. Robert Pearlman
CH 353: Physical Chemistry, Dr. Denis Kohl
PHR 483C: Pharmacology I, Dr. Richard Wilcox