EE345S Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Laboratory - Textbooks

Prof. Brian L. Evans

Required Books

The textbook for the lecture component of the course is

The laboratory exercises will follow

Tretter's book makes reference to various TMS320C6000 manuals, which are only available electronically:

Supplemental Books

The following book is a multimedia introduction to digital signal processing written at the sophomore level. Many of the multimedia demonstrations given in lecture will be taken from the CD ROM that comes with the book.

In addition, the textbook from EE 313 Linear Systems and Signals may be useful for review:

The content of the four TMS320C6000 manuals used in the laboratory is distilled into the following tutorial book:

This book contains hundreds of source code examples, including how to implement finite impulse response (FIR) and infinite impulse response (IIR) filters, which are the subject of laboratory assignments 2 and 3, respectively. This book also contains background information on signal processing theory and algorithms, such as windows, that is assumed by Tretter's lab manual.


Books on Real-Time DSP

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