Packet Capture Synthetic Data Sets Released by ESPL

Jeremy Gin publicly released the following synthetic data sets of network packet captures in May 2017: There isn't a data set 6. The files reside in a UT Austin Box account, but neither a username nor a password is required to download any of the files. Once you click on any of the above links, you'll need to hit Download one more time to download the file.

If you are using the unzip program to extract the contents of the zie achives, please use version 6.0 or higher because the zip files are larger than 4 GB.

Since data sets 3 and 4 are so large, we have broken up each one into six parts so that you can download them separately and combine them in Unix using the cat command:

Here is an example of using the Unix cat command to reassemble the third data set from its six parts above:

cat atk3_1of6_zip atk3_2of6_zip atk3_3of6_zip atk3_4of6_zip atk3_5of6_zip atk3_6of6_zip >

The packet capture data sets accompany the following MSEE Report:

Jeremy Gin, Evaluation of Open-Source Intrusion Detection Systems for IPv6 Vulnerabilities in Realistic Test Network, MSEE Report, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX 78712, May 2017.