Updating ESPL Web Pages

by Prof. Brian L. Evans

This document contains important information to help get you started in modifying the Web pages on the Embedded Signal Processing Laboatory (ESPL) Web site at http://signal.ece.utexas.edu.

The ESPL group source files and ESPL Web site physically reside on

under Prof. Brian Evans' account. The folder
contains the ESPL group source files. The folder
contains the the Web site, including the ESPL group source files and the ESPL member Web sites. Each ESPL member Web site is in the folder with the username of the member prefixed by the tilde character, e.g. ~debarati and ~khan. The username is that of the person's account on signal.ece.utexas.edu.

The folder

contains the files for ESPL

In addition to these files, the directory structure contains the following subdirectories:

The Makefile contains four important things: a target directory to install into, a list of subdirectories to recursively install, a list of files in this directory to install, and the line that includes the install.mk file. The install.mk file contains the rules for installing documents to the target directory, and it will never need to be edited. The Makefile, on the other hand, will need to be updated any time a new file or subdirectory is added to the directory in which it exists.

When the Makefile is run using make install the make utility will recurse down each directory structure and execute the Makefile comments in each sub-directory. New or updated Web files will be copied to
which is a symbolic link to