Notes from Dissertation workshop
(Feb 8, 2002)

 The Dissertation workshop is organized every year by the Office of Graduate Studies ( You will find almost all info that you will need towards your dissertation - deadlines, format specs etc on this page. This page is a overview of the Dissertation Workshop held on Feb 8,2002

  1. Intellectual Entrepreneurship Program - for lots of info on
    1. Grant workshops
    2. Other dissertation workshops
    3. Faculty preparation etc
    4. They offer many useful courses
  2. Subscribe to DISSLIST ( This list has many faculty, deans, graduate students who can help you answer almost any question you have regarding your dissertation.
  3. Before you begin your dissertation (Detailed info at
    1. Electronic submissions of dissertations
    2. Take copyright tutorial at
    3. Print out the certification of completion of copyright tutorial needs to be submitted
    4. Submit statement of research with Human Participants.
  1. Finding the Microsoft and Latex templates
    1. Microsoft templates for the dissertation can be obtained from 
    2. The Latex templates are not yet available from the OGS. But the recommended copy of the Latex templates can be downloaded for free from Craig McCluskey's page at . I heard from Craig that the OGS will be making his template formal pretty soon. 
  2. Before you submit your dissertation
    1. Look up publishing options at
  3. Other places for tips on writing your dissertation
    1. (ABD - All but dissertation) nice free email list. Look up previous archivals
    2. ASGS ( offers many tips for a fee

Document Prepared by: Umesh Rajashekar
Last Updated : February 11, 2002